Spirit Lab wall infographic

Spirit Lab: SDSU Exhibition Design

Spirit Lab: New Religious Thought in the Golden State¬†was a year-long exhibit from 2014-15 put on by the SDSU Special Collections and University Archives Library and Information Access. The exhibit displayed rare works that are part of SDSU’s Special Collections “New Religious Movements” Collection, and includes documents, books and other paraphernalia about alternative religious groups like Rosicrucianism, Atheism, LaVeyan Satanism, Children of God, Peoples Temple, Krishnamurti, and various intentional communities, like Druid Heights.

The exhibit, housed in the Donor Hall of Love Library on campus, focused on the alternative religious groups that were formed or in some way are connected to California. I designed all of the visuals for the exhibit, including five wallpapers which include a map infographic, an icon system, and all of the case signage.


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